How to check if my medicaid is active

The Center for Medicaid and CHOP Services (CMCS) is the state and federal organization founded in 1965 by the US government to run medical assistance programs like Medicaid, the Basic Health Program (BHP), and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Medicaid is the one with the most coverage in the country, providing medical assistance to over 72.5 million American citizens. Its primary mission is to guarantee quality health to low-income families, qualified pregnant women, seniors, parents, and disabled people that are not capable of providing this service to themselves.

In this article, we will explain more about this subject, and specifically how to check if your Medicaid is active.

How to find my Medicaid number?

When you get the medical coverage, you receive a Medicaid card that contains your personal information, including the Medicaid Number (it is like a credit or debit card). Generally, the number is on the front of the card.

In this photo, you can see a Texas Medicaid card sample:

texas medicaid card sample

If you do not have it, there are still two options to obtain the number:

Call your state’s Medicaid office.

Since this is one of the largest health coverage services in the country, there is an agency of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NASMD) in every state. The members of this association are authorized to attend the needs of the people covered by this program.

The only thing you need to do is to find the office of the state where you live, call them, and ask for your Medicaid Number.

For your comfort, in this link, you can find the name of the director and the phone number of the NASMD office corresponding to your state.

You may have to tell them your full legal name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and your address.

list of medicaid directors

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Check on the official website.

In some cases, Medicaid offices have online portals where you can find all the information about this service.

You have to sign up (or login in case you already have an account), click in your health program, and you will see your Medicaid number.

If you live in Texas, here is the official website to check your program, and in case you do not have an account, you can sign up here.

Note that certain states do not have this online service, but you can still try with the first option.

How to know if my Medicaid is active?

Once it is determined that you are eligible for Medicaid assistance, the coverage will be effective since the date of your application, or since the first day of the month when you applied.

Both dates can be considered as the “initial day of coverage,” which means that it is active from that moment. But how do you know which is the correct one for you?

It will depend specifically on your case and your medical and economic records. The Center for Medicaid’s office will inform you of the exact date assigned to you.

Besides, your coverage could work retroactively for up three months before the month you applied, only if you fulfill the requirements during that period.

However, if you do not have this information, you can repeat the two steps mentioned above:

  • Call your state’s Medicaid office. You can call the NASMD corresponding to your state and request your Medicaid coverage status. They will ask you for your Medicaid Number since it helps to identify your case and the type of program you have.
  • Check on the official website. In the same way, you can check if the Medicaid coverage is active by visiting the state’s program website. Just log in and verify the status in your dashboard.

In case you no longer meet the requirements to be eligible, your coverage may not be active anymore. Despite that, if the coverage stops, you can still file an appeal for your case to be reconsidered.

If you confirm that your Medicaid is still active, then you might as well receive a stimulus check in the future. This benefit can help you and your family whole, so do not miss this opportunity. Once you receive this check, you could deposit it in a bank account or cash it, so knowing where can I cash a check is also crucial.

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29 thoughts on How to check if my medicaid is active

  1. I’d like a way to check to see if my straight Medicaid is active or not can you please provide me with that information thanks

  2. I need help. My son is in Indiana and I am in Colorado. I don’t know if he is still covered in Indiana. I don’t know who to even contact.

  3. Hi
    I’m inquiring for my mom.
    My mom has Medicaid but we want to know which month Medicaid plan is expired or which month need to enroll again.

    • Hi, David! Here’s information about Medicaid in Idaho, I recommend you to call these numbers and ask about your case:

      – Medicaid Provider Questions: 866-686-4272
      – The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Benefits Customer Service center line: 1-877-456-1233.

  4. Hello, my children and I live in Henderson, Kentucky and my children received Humana Medicaid Insurance cards in the mail but I never applied for these cards so I’m not really sure how or why they received them. How can I find out if these cards are active? Thank you.

  5. I have no idea how to figure out if I still have Medicaid or not. I grew up as a ward of the state of Missouri and needing to seek counseling. Also I have zero information about my Medicaid account

    • Hi, Tim! Here’s information about Medicaid in Missouri (which is called MO HealthNet), I recommend you to call these numbers and ask about your case:

      – MO HealthNet Case Information: 1-800-392-1261
      – MO HealthNet Service Center: 1-855-373-4636

  6. I live in Texas and I am pregnant with complications, I have filed for Medicaid assistance, but I don’t know what number to call to check on my status and I desperately need to see an OB

      • Hi ! My name is Nua Nicaj !I was diagnosed with ALS 2019 and now I’m not doing good? I do have a Medicaid card I’m trying to get a home health aid to help me ! I don’t know where to go or to call because no one is not helping me . I live in Bronx Ny

        • Hi Nua! This is the number for the Bronx Medicaid office in New York: 718-585-7872, and I found two other numbers so you can try to contact them and explain your situation: 718-960-2799 (Morrisania), 929-252-3230 (Fordham).

  7. I was in foster care. When I was adopted my adoptive mother did not change our insurance. I left home when I was 16 and now I am 18. I need to know if my insurance is still in tact or if I need to reapply. Thank you

  8. I have been calling our local offices in Colorado Springs, CO and have been on hold for over 3 hours. I need to know if my mothers Medicaid is active. She’s in a lot of pain and no one will see her without this confirmed.

    • Hi, Erin! Sorry about your mother. We cannot help any further than just giving contact information about Medicaid. This blog does not have any connection to public or governmental offices, we just compile information so you can find it easily.

  9. I’ve called my medicaid two times to update my insurance, and I never got a new card in the mail and I’m not sure if it’s active. What should I do?

    • Hi, Daisy! You can check on the Medicaid website from your state to see if they have a log in section to check your status.

  10. My husband’s ex-wife passed away in March and the kids are now living with us. I started the process to add the kids to our health insurance, but we had to make this request within 30 days of her death, so now we can’t add them to our insurance until open enrollment. The kids were insured under their mother’s income for medicaid. I’m trying to determine if their medicaid stays in effect until the end of the year after their mother’s death?

  11. Hi,
    I have my Medicaid set up with a social worker in NYC. I still live in NYC. I am on F1 student visa. My coverage only for emergency case. I had my medicaid in Aug 2020. I am trying to retoactive my hospital admission in Jul 2020. I called the number provided in the back. The represesntative said they can’t locate my medicaid account by my social security number and my DOB. I have my medicaid card. Using the ID number on the card still can’t locate me. Since then they have been directed me to so many phone number. But no one can give me an answer. They want my determination letter account number. But i don’t have that letter on hand anymore. What should I do in this case. I just want to retro a case long ago.

    • Hi, Hazel. Sorry about that. However, we only provide information about the official websites and contact, we do not carry out any applications nor do we have a connection with Medicaid. I think you should talk with the social worker that set it up yo you.


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