How to get a free roof for my house?

Hail, winds, storms, or weathering are factors that can affect and even destroy the roofs of our houses; in most cases, its repair means a very significant expense compared to the income of the average citizen.

According to Home Advisor, a homeowner spends an average of $ 770 to get a roof repair done. Of course, the cost depends on the size of the roof, its antiqueness, and the material from which it is made.

If the roof of a home is in poor condition, the entire house will be in a vulnerable state; however, you may qualify for a free one thanks to government grants if you are interested in knowing how you have found the right article.

Government grants

Clearly, roof replacement or repair is expensive. The prices are overwhelming for a family’s budget, and sometimes it can be impossible to afford it.

On this page, you can check an estimated cost to repair your roof: www.homeadvisor.com/cost/roofing/repair-a-roof.

Repairing Roof Estimator

However, it is not all bad news; the government has a catalog of subsidies and grants for the replacement of roofs that can threaten the stability of your home.

Here is a list of the government programs you can apply to:

Weatherization Assistance Program

Qualified: Families with members with a mental or physical disability; low-income families with children; and seniors.

This is the primary government grant for these cases; the Department of Energy runs it, and it specializes in helping low-income families to lower the costs of heating and cooling of their homes.

But, to obtain this benefit and even a free roof, a member of your family must receive Supplemental Security Income or Help for Families with Dependent Children; once received, you will automatically be eligible for Weatherization Assistance.

Click here to go to the official website and get more information.

Weatherization Assitance Program

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Single Family Home Repair Loans and Grants

Qualified: Families earning less than 50 percent of average income, or low-income individuals age 62 and older.

In this grant, the Department of Agriculture is the institution in charge of administering the home repair program. In other words, it generates subsidies for homes at risk of security for their infrastructure, and that also have meager incomes.

You can receive some help to repair the roof, or even get it for free.

Also, the location of the home is important; therefore, those who choose this benefit should consult the program’s website to determine if their location qualifies.

The Tribal Energy Program

Qualified: Tribal members living on tribal lands.

A very particular grant is the Tribal Energy Program; This program aims to evaluate and develop renewable energy resources and reduce their consumption.

Besides, it offers education, training, and job opportunities for tribes.

To get more information on this particular grant for the replacement of the roof of the tribal lands, click here.

The Housing Preservation Grant

Qualified: Very low-income organizations, tribal communities, and non-profit organizations.

To maintain habitability in very low-income housing, this program of the United States Rural Department was born, which provides subsidies to the qualified.

In this case, individuals are not eligible for the benefit, only organizations.

To sum up, keep in mind that to get a free roof, the coverage or the program will depend on the current state of it. A local professional roofer can provide you with a specific assessment of the condition of your home.

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42 thoughts on How to get a free roof for my house?

  1. trying to get a free foof on my house cannot afford one will have to be homeless with out a roof im disabled with ptsd i need help

  2. My mother and i are on the deed. I live in the house. I am approved for a new roof on a grant but my mother wont sign the paperwork. What can i do

    • Hi Renee! Most grants request that the owner/s of the house must sign the paperwork; I would recommend you to try to convince her, or at least ask a representative to talk to her about the benefits of a new roof and how fortunate you are of having this opportunity. If she still refuses, ask a lawyer if there is anything else you can do.

  3. hello iam 76 receive social security and ssi i also have a dependent 15 years old . i llive in lakeland fl and need a roof as the city code division sent me a letter i was in violation and said to replace my roof fascia and soffits before 2/29/2021. i do not have the income to do this and can you tell me if i can get with you. thanks so much karen lewis

  4. I desperately need a new roof. I’m 61 & I can’t afford to fix it. I need a grant to pay for my leaking roof, I can’t afford it.

  5. I’m unemployed, no money, the roof has leaking damage, and there’s molding! I think I got sick because of it and I need a new roof
    fast! I need help with this problem soon.

  6. I’m 62 and own a home that I rent to a single mom at under the average cost to try to help her. She eventually wants to purchase the home. It needs a new roof. Can she qualify for a program?

    • Hi JM! That will depend on the program’s requirements, so you will have to check directly with the program and see if she’s eligible.

  7. My home needs a new roof, I’m on disability and thanks to Covid my husband makes half of what he used to, our savings is gone and we don’t qualify for the usda.gov because we aren’t in a rural location and Michigan WAP doesn’t cover roofs apparently. Is there anything else? My shingles are flying off my roof. Any help is appreciated

  8. I am single, below the poverty line, work a temp job, not disabled; however I cannot afford a new roof. It’s almost 25 yrs old, each program I’ve contacted has stated they have no funds, and hadn’t had funds in the past 2 year’s. It’s leaked in the past and I paid for a temporary fix. What do I do?

  9. I am a disabled veteran and have 2 dependants on SSI . I need a roof badly .My home is 10,000 Sq Ft . please advise me where to go for help .

  10. Our roof is in horrible shape. It’s raining in my house in just about every room. The ceiling is molding. I can’t afford a new roof and especially with the price of material.

  11. I am on disability. And in desperate need of roof repair. I tried weatherization, they stated they could not help me. My roof has a leak that is causing the ceiling in bedroom to crack and bow. I dont know who else to contact. I am on a very limited income.

      • I live in my mom’s mobile home alone I’m 72,make 6400 a yr social security,l do get snap and utilitie help,I can not afford aroof which is le
        aking badly,can I get help?

        • Hi Noelene! Check the websites we mentioned in the article, you need to ask the organizations directly about your case.

      • I am going through the same thing. Its a shame the disabled have to go through this. I applied 7 years ago with Appalachia service project my name came to the top 4 young kids came looked at it and said they would recommend me to their board then I received a call were sorry we cant help you because of covid. They lied they didnt want to do it because its to steep. Then she told me she would send me a email on where I could find help. I didnt even get that. Now let me remind you 7 years and a christian organization. There is no help for us. Hope grants you have to be 62. It makes you sick that they cant help people. Why?

        • Hi Debby! We understand your situation and we are also sorry that they did not provide assistance. On top of that, unfortunately, there is a lot of demand in almost all programs, so it is regular that they do not accept all applications. We deeply hope that you can get support!

  12. I checked the area map and it says that my location is not eligible. So what can I do to try to get help to fix my roof? I am on Social Security with no other income and I am over the age of 62.

  13. I have leaks in my roof and my paychecks barely reach 200.00 and i have all of the atandard monthly bills to deal with. How can i get a new roof with the amount of money i make?

  14. We’ve been on the “list” for a new roof for about 5 years. Every time I contact someone, I get the run around about we can only do about 40-50 houses a year. I get that, but because of the waiting, the roof is getting worse. And patching is not working.

  15. Hello I own my home and my wife is on SSI and I have five kids three with disability, I also got laid off from work and my roof has a hole in it that you can see through, I live in the country about 20 minutes from my city, which program would work for me? Thank you!

  16. I need a new roof for my house and get some quotes people up on my roof. Now my roof leaks didn’t before. So i am a 62 i pay my lands taxes when i get income money. so what can i do.

    • Hi, Jackie! You should research information on the websites we mentioned above, so you can see if you apply according to your age, income, and family group!

  17. My name is Diana I am on disability my mother passed away an this is the only place i can afford the house was left in the will to me an my sister she doesn’t want anything to do with it my roof is half done an the person left me hanging now the city is fining me because of my roof I only have until the 1st of October to do something please help someone


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