How to cancel xsolla subscription

How to Claim Rebates on Roblox and Robux

In addition to the additional benefits to the player, subscribers can also enjoy knowing that they are directly assisting in the future development of Roblox – the money earned from these subscriptions goes towards further development of new features and advancements for all of Roblox to enjoy!

In addition to the existing benefits – a monthly Robux stipend, a 10% bonus on Robux purchases, and access to trading features – Premium subscribers can now take advantage of the following: Avatar Store discounts: save up to 75% on select accessories, gear and more.

A month’s worth of Robux will be instantly deposited to your Roblox account when you renew or purchase your subscription (instead of waiting for it to arrive day by day, as with Builders Club). You will get a 10% discount on the purchase of official Robux packs in Roblox.


Online shoppers in Latin America prefer to shop at international brand retailers due to better pricing conditions and the lack of availability of some products in their own country. Brazil is the tenth largest e-commerce retail market in the world and global e-commerce has been growing at a rapid pace in the region.

Only 32%* of payment transactions are made with international credit cards in Latin America. Achieve higher conversion rates and reach more consumers by accepting local payments.  Fraud prevention

Latin Americans prefer to pay for large purchases in monthly installments. Offer this payment method, increase your average ticket and approval rates.  Optimized refund system

Not all purchases are completed perfectly and in some cases it is necessary to open a refund. Count on an optimized system to manage the requested refunds and support your customers.          Digital and SaaS services


The cases we often encounter: a trial offer on a site (games, clairvoyance, meetings, streaming content …), competition game that gives you the impression of having won a gift of 1 euro (a smartphone, a perfume, cinema tickets …), e-commerce site (often foreign) selling products, branded or not, especially cheap …

Our diagnosis: It seems that the cancellation of CB XSOLLA results from a subscription to a website (various services such as clairvoyance, adult content or other). You enter your bank details as part of a 2 or 3 day trial offer and end up subscribing to the service. In this way, the company that manages XSOLLA can deduct one or more sums from you each month under the pretext of a subscription.

In the case of card fraud, i.e. if the card has been physically lost and used by a third party, you can report the loss to your bank representative. You may also open a fraud file to try to obtain a refund (this point should be discussed directly with your banking advisor).

Remove AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS in PayPal Cancel

We are going to explain you how to buy Robux in Roblox, the process with which you can acquire with your real money the virtual currency of Roblox to be able to buy things in the games. Almost all Roblox games, but most have some aesthetic and customization elements that are paid, and hence you may want to have some Robux.

The process of buying Robux is very simple, you simply have to choose the amount of them you want and then proceed with the payment method. You can pay with your card, although it is more advisable to create a PayPal account to avoid giving your card to the game, and to have a better control of the expenses. Robux are non-refundable, which means that if you regret the purchase, there is no way to get the money back.

If you click on Do you want to get more Robux, the page will expand to show you two more payment options that are much more expensive, but also give you more Robux. Here, it will depend on how much money you want to spend. These are the amounts you can buy, which we show you in the Roblox Parent’s Guide:

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