How to cancel playstation subscription

Playstation Subscriptions

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for PlayStation Network. As a PlayStation Plus member, you can play premium content without time or usage restrictions, join your friends in multiplayer games and enjoy many other benefits.

Among the great advantages of this service are the possibility of downloading games for free since the subscription gives away some games every month. This way you can only pay for the PlayStation Plus service and enjoy the best benefits it can give you since you will not even have to pay for video games.

Active subscriptions can be cancelled until the subscription renewal date by turning off the Auto Renew setting. You can find the renewal dates for each of your subscriptions in the Subscription Management section of Account Management.

The Auto Renewal setting in Subscription Management will be enabled each time you sign up for an ongoing subscription. If you cancel a subscription and then re-subscribe, the Auto Renew setting will be reactivated.

Playstation store

As mentioned, PlayStation Now is a paid subscription for both PS4 and PC users. This subscription is automatically renewed so the user who signs up for PlayStation Now will have to enter a payment method (credit/debit card). Through this card, the subscription will be charged month by month.

Undoubtedly, this automatic renewal of the PlayStation Now subscription is very convenient as it will save us from having to pay manually month by month. However, for all those users who wish to use PlayStation Now on a discontinued basis, they should be careful because if they do not cancel their PlayStation Now subscription, it will be automatically charged.

To avoid this unwanted charging surprise, it is advisable to cancel the automatic renewal of your PlayStation Now subscription every time you make a month’s payment. This way you ensure that Playstation Now does not charge your bank account for the subscription.

Fortunately PlayStation 4 allows you to cancel PlayStation Now auto-renewal in case you do not want to continue with the service. The steps below show you how to do it:

Cancel playstation subscription

PlayStation is a worldwide popular brand of video games produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment .  PlayStation features five home video game consoles, a media center, in-line controllers and various magazines.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service on the PlayStation Network that grants its users access to discounts, beta versions of games, game demos and premium downloadable content.

You can cancel all active subscriptions on your PlayStation account by turning off the Auto Renew setting.  Here’s a quick look at the cancellation methods you can try.

How to cancel ps plus: 14 days

If you’ve subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you’ll be able to download PS4 games, get exclusive PlayStation Store discounts and 100GB of cloud storage to save games. When you first subscribe, you’ll get a 14-day free trial.

To cancel, the first thing to do is to turn off the auto-renew feature. By doing so, your subscription will be canceled the next time the renewal comes. Let’s see how to do this in detail in the following step-by-step instructions.

You can follow any of these three methods to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription. Canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription will never delete your PlayStation Network account. If you use PlayStation plus online storage to transfer your saved data to the cloud, you will need to retrieve your saved data before you cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription. Because once you are done with the cancellation, the saved files are no longer found.

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