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One of the great debates in the world of video games currently concerns loot boxes, as they are known in general terms. This refers to all the instances where you have to pay to unlock an item containing a random item.

This has been the subject of debate on several occasions. In some games this element does not influence the internal development of the game. However, in others, such as FIFA, if you invest a large amount of money your chances of victory increase.

With this situation, what is caused is that the game itself does not only cost the price of the store, but also has to be added to everything invested in the game, the “pay to win” known worldwide.

However, the Belgian Gaming Commission is waging its particular war against this element. The governmental organization has declared that all these types of practices are classified as gambling.

It is not the first time that some of these titles are involved in a complaint of this type, but this time Belgium wants to take the case to the extreme, banning this type of acts within its borders.

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The value of the reward box can be paid with virtual currency or real money. Many of the free-to-play games offer the possibility to obtain additional resources through micropayments, either by PayPal or credit cards.    These two payment methods do not require identity verification, so there is a risk of consumption of these games by minors.

Most of the time, purchases in the loot box are made blindly, i.e. the products obtained by users are randomly distributed by the game. It is a matter of luck to achieve the objective sought by the player. For this reason, they can generate addiction in the player. Thus, companies in the sector have been forced to regulate themselves as if they were gambling games.

Once the user has been digitally identified, the owner of the video game will be able to know the country from which the user connects and the age, in order to apply the corresponding legislation. It will also be able to detect if the user is using a credit card that does not correspond to the user or a payment greater than that allowed by the law of that country. In this case, the system will be able to cancel any of these operations.

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For some time now the system of loot boxes has been imposed in video games, and it is increasingly rare that a Triple A does not include them to extend the experience: from the futuristic ‘Overwatch’ to the epic ‘Shadows of War’ through the own ‘Micromachines’ or the Ultimate Team of ‘FIFA 18’. In fact, sometimes, as in the case of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’, it can be an advantage in online modes… if we are lucky, of course.

When opening boxes there is a component of randomness in which we do not know what kind of item we will find, although there are exceptions. Moreover, usually the best contents are usually in chests that are either obtained in extremely limited quantities, or can only be opened upon payment. And sometimes the value of what is obtained is less than what is paid for.

The UK Government has received a formal petition signed by Connor Rhys Deeley that advocates adapting gambling laws to cover video games that include this type of content, especially considering that in many of these cases the users are minors.

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