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Medicina de Familia – SEMERGEN seeks to identify questions about primary health care and the provision of high-quality patient- and/or community-centered care. We publish original research, methodologies and theories, as well as selected systematic reviews that build on current knowledge to advance new theories, methods or lines of research.

Medicina de Familia – SEMERGEN is a peer-reviewed journal that has adopted clear and rigorous ethical guidelines in its publication policy following the guidelines of the Publication Ethics Committee and seeks to identify and answer questions about primary health care and the provision of high quality patient- and community-centered care.

Osteotendinous reflexes pdf

Royal Decree 1522/2011, of October 31, establishing five certificates of professionalism of the Commerce and Marketing professional family included in the National Directory of certificates of professionalism and updating the certificate of professionalism established as Annex I of Royal Decree 1377/2008, of August 1.

Law 56/2003, of December 16, 2003, on Employment, establishes, in its article 3, that the Government, at the proposal of the current Ministry of Labor and Immigration, and after a report from this Ministry to the Sectorial Conference on Employment and Labor Affairs, is responsible for the preparation and approval of the regulatory provisions in relation to, among others, occupational and continuous vocational training at the state level, as well as the development of such regulations.

For its part, Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, 2002, understands the National System of Qualifications and Vocational Training as the set of instruments and actions necessary to promote and develop the integration of vocational training offers and the evaluation and accreditation of professional competences. The main instruments of this System are the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications and the procedure for their recognition, evaluation, accreditation and registration. In its article 8, the Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, establishes that the certificates of professionalism accredit the professional qualifications of those who have obtained them and that they will be issued by the competent Administration, with official character and validity throughout the national territory. Furthermore, in its article 10.1, it indicates that the General State Administration, in accordance with what is established in article 149.1.30.ª and 7.ª of the Constitution and after consulting the General Council of Vocational Training, will determine the titles and certificates of professionalism, which will constitute the offers of vocational training referred to the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications.

Osteotendinous reflexes what are they?

The lack of esthetics produced by the clasps in the removable partial denture should be minimized thru adequate analysis and design. One way to achieve more esthetics is eliminating the retentive clasps, using precision or semiprecision attachments.

Esthetic dentistry has evolved in the 1990s into a multidisciplinary component of total facial esthetics, which requires an integration of the stomatognathic system, so that in addition to the teeth with their characteristics of shape, color and position, other aspects such as the gingiva and surrounding soft tissues should be included to create a harmonious smile as part of the appearance (2).

Harmony is the balance in an optical composition and in dentistry, such a composition consists of the interrelationships that are established between the face, lips, gingiva, teeth and personal irradiation. When the prosthesis is fitted to the patient, the color may be ideal, but if the shape and structure of the prosthesis are not in harmony with the facial composition, an esthetic failure will occur (3).

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