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The decision seeks to direct and optimize all its efforts to consolidate its business in Venezuela, which, in the midst of a new economic and social context, makes it necessary to explore other alternatives to continue offering a quality service to its members.

Of course, Gold’s Gym continues to operate in its Caracas and Margarita locations, and will continue to raise awareness among Venezuelans about the importance of investing in preventive health and leading a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, a way that all health experts agree on to face and assume the changes demanded by the current scenario.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that the closing of Gold’s Gym in Maracaibo will be a momentary action, due to the acceptance and trust shown by the Maracaibo family in this fitness chain.

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TRY FREE CHOOSE YOUR WORKOUTWe offer more than 15 different classes in our 3 gyms with varied schedules. At Gold’s Gym we know that everyone enjoys different things, that’s why we want you to improve your life doing what you love.

“Andrea Corazzari UgaldeElite AthleteTraining at Gold’s Gym has taken my sports career to another level, I complement my running work with counter strength, that has allowed me to improve my level substantially.Hibert MoraElite AthleteGold’s Gym is the best place to train and conquer your goals, they have always given me all the necessary help and the elements to train independently and correctly.

It’s more than a gym, it’s a family, and we are willing to help each other.Esteban ChavarríaWheelchair ModelLET’S BE IN CONTACTWe’d love to hear from youGuayabosGuayabos de Curridabat, from Pepe Figueres’ house, 300mts North.

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Naranjo commented that Gold’s Gym has specific platforms for measuring the satisfaction index of the people who visit and enjoy the gym, including the hiring of its employees, in addition to operational and commercial processes that allow it to give consistency over time to the business.

Other advantages compared to its competitors are: the locations where it is usually located in convenient places for members, flexible schedules, the diversity of sports equipment and the wide range of services available in each of the locations (nutritional counseling, personalized training, Kid’s Club, cafeteria and a wide variety of group disciplines).

On the other hand, he emphasized that in view of the country’s economic situation, the gym not only reinvents products but also retains its collaborators in the best possible way, using what is known as emotional salary.

“We want them to assume this investment as part of their basic basket, because as important as it is to take care of the budget to buy food, is to exercise with a professional guidance to be well”, he said.

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The gym located on Francisco de Miranda Avenue in Caracas, had not only served as a platform for the chain to expand nationally to open five more locations in different states, but had become the third most productive center in Latin America.

Likewise, Alfredo Azuaje, advisor in the sales area at Bazar Bolivar since 2014, highlighted as invaluable the human quality of the people who attended regardless of their social or economic status. “Very human people, very friendly, very warm, like Venezuelans in general”, said the worker.

Much has been said about the reasons for the closure, however, there was never a specific communiqué from the chain explaining to the community what had happened. They simply sent an email and a text message notifying the closure and assuring that they had had problems with the renewal of the lease.

“It seems that the reason was that a bank had bought the building and they wanted all the tenants in the building out of there,” so commented Esteban Ramirez, a member of this headquarters for six months. The users interviewed agreed with this theory but none received any official version on the matter.

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