How to cancel directv subscription

Cancel directv go from your cell phone

If you are already a Directv Colombia customer and you are not satisfied with your DIRECTV service, you have the right to cancel your DIRECTV plan. Below we explain how to cancel DIRECTV? and the conditions you must comply with.

You are no longer satisfied with your DIRECTV? services. You can cancel your DIRECTV Internet and DIRECTV satellite TV services with DIRECTV, without any obligation. There are several ways to do it, you can cancel DIRECTV Colombia from:

How to cancel DIRECTV subscription. For DIRECTV cancellation of your DIRECTV TV plan services and DIRECTV postpaid internet plans, you can call the following customer service line

On the other hand, if more than 3 days have passed and your box for the return of DIRECTV equipment has not arrived, please notify us because the agreed delivery times must be met or you will be charged an additional amount.

To cancel a DIRECTV premium package, it is important to know that it can only be done from a computer, only DIRECTV GO customers who do not have or have recently had other DIRECTV products can cancel a DIRECTV premium package with the following step by step.

Cancel directv prepaid

5.  If you want to cancel during the trial period, you must do it before the end of the 7 free days and before 7 PM EST, otherwise the system will process the cancellation the next day. EST, otherwise the system will process the cancellation the next day.

If you generated the cancellation of your account remember that you cannot reverse it, you must wait for your cancellation to be processed correctly, then you can reactivate your account at any time. If you did not complete your billing information at the time of registration, it is not necessary to request cancellation.

Note: The service can only be cancelled from a web browser, not from the mobile app. DIRECTV GO costs are prepaid each month. You can enjoy the service until the end of the current payment cycle. No refunds or credits are generated for partial months.

Cancel directv go peru

If you no longer wish to continue enjoying the services offered by Directv Colombia, it is recommended that you cancel the plan you currently have contracted through the different methods that currently exist.

Keep in mind that it is very likely that you will be charged a certain fee for canceling your Directv service. This only applies to users who wish to cancel their subscription before the scheduled date.

The recommendations we can make in relation to this issue is that you have all the equipment in good condition, you have no debts to pay and do the whole procedure without resorting to third parties.

Cancel directv colombia service

If you are bored with the programming or simply want to make a slight change in your satellite subscription service, we will tell you how to cancel a Directv plan, especially if you are in Colombia.

Even in cases of moving, Directv provides users with an electronic channel for customer service and telephone support, through which they can submit their requests or remove their subscription. In this guide, we will tell you how to do it.

If you are not satisfied with the programming and there is nothing to change your mind, you have the option to cancel the plan. There are several reasons why a customer is unhappy with their experience.

The fact that the encoders and equipment are installed with the condition of being returned (as a rental or as a loan), means that you must sign a contract for the activation of the service.

If you see that 5 days have passed and the delivery box still has not arrived, notify us and ask for another one to be sent to you, updating the delivery times in the system. This way you will avoid being charged an additional amount.

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